This small quaint seaport has roots back to April 7, 1730 when Isaac and Jonathan Green Sr. purchased from Ebenezer Harker "a certain plantation and track of land containing by estimation 441 acres situate lying and being in ye Carterett in ye county of province of aforsaid being ye west side of ye mouth off White Oak River." By 1771 Theophilus Weeks started a town on his plantation, laying out a plat and selling lots. Formerly known as Bogue, Week's Point, The Wharf and New Town, the town was officially designated by the North Carolina General Assembly on May 6, 1783. Above photo (from North Carolina State Archives) courtesy Jack Dudley, as included in Swansboro - A Pictorial Tribute

Augustus W. Pittman House circa 1901

NATIONAL REGISTER of History Places (Pezzoni 1989): 308 Church Street - Triple A "I" house with three-bay center-hall plan, one-story front porch and ell. Pittman served in the Coast Guard.

Augustus Ward Pittman (1871-1951) was the son of John A. Pittman (18 Nov 1839 - 9 Feb 1917)  and Olive Elizabeth Ward of Swansboro. In 1896 John A. Pittman was the mayor of Swansboro--population 300.

In 1899 Augustus married Swansboro neighbor Susan Duffy (1877-1949), daughter of merchant and farmer George Duffy and Agnes Moore.

1900 Census: “Sailor” Augustus 27, Susie G. 23 and one-year-old Augustus F. Pittman. 

1910 Census: “Tugboat Engineer” Augustus 38, Susan G. 33, Augustus F. 11, Kenneth D. 9, George T. 7, John A. 5 and  three-year-old Agnes W. Pittman. 

1920 Census: Augustus 47 was a towing boatman and Susan 42 had the following children: Kenneth 19, George 16, John 14, Agnes 11, Dorothy 7 and two-year-old Robert Pittman. 

1930 Census: Augustus 58, Susie G. 52, Dorothy F. 17, Robert W. 12 and nine-year-old Elsie L. Pittman. Value of home $800. Augustus was noted as a “Captain - Pleasure Yacht." 

Augustus and Susan's son Augustus F. Pittman, who served in the Coast Guard, lived to be 95; he was buried in Norfolk, Virginia.

Augustus W. Pittman and Susan G. Duffy were buried in Ward cemetery.


Unknown said...

Actually, Papa and Granny Sue had a son, "Gus" who was older than Kenneth and a son Charles who died @ age 3. Uncle Gus, the oldest child of Augustus and Susan, lived to be 95 yrs. and is buried in Norfolk, VA. Enjoyed reading your web site, Susan Jones Casper, daughter of Elsie Pittman Jones

Unknown said...

Oldest child of Augustus and Susan was also named Augustus and he lived to be 95 yrs. old. He is buried in Norfolk, VA.
Susan Jones Casper, grandaughter of Augustus and Susan Pittman

Mary Warshaw said...

Thank you Susan. More census information was added to the post.